Stay healthy – breathe…..


The importance of air cannot be overestimated. It is what gives us life on this planet. In yoga they refer “prana”, which means “life force”, and when we breathe we are bringing this energy down into our bodies.

Deep mindful breathing is one of the best things we can do for our health. It lowers the heart rate, reduces anxiety and stress. In today’s busy society we spend most of the day taking in only shallow breaths.

Spending time each day to take in 5-10 deep, full breaths will help keep you energised at work, calm during your child’s temper tantrums or relaxed during that job interview. Deep breathing may also reduce acidity in your body which will reduce inflammation (mainly due to the stress reduction).

So, to live longer and healthier – just breathe

~ *~  Liz

Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Reiki Master

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