So, we are well and truly into the silly season. It’s the time of year when we indulge in less healthy food choices and tend to drink more than any other time of year. So what can we do to minimise the adverse effect of these toxins on our body. Not drinking alcohol and […]


Try some or all of these to get your hot body!! Tip 1.           Try alkaline foods. Lemon juice, fresh watermelon juice and avocados are easy alkaline-rich ways to balance out excess acidity in your body. Tip 2.           Have fun. At the heart of looking good, more than anything is having fun and greeting each day saying […]


  I cannot express how much I endorse this message. So many of our issues and abuses of food and our bodies tie in with poor body image. Print this off, laminate and stick it somewhere you will see it everyday. We have been conditioned by society and parental influences to talk down about ourselves. […]


Increasingly, research is showing that exercising in a natural environment, be it the local park, woodland or beach, is more beneficial mentally than the man-made environment of the gym or indoor pool. Proponents of the ‘biophilia’ theory believe that this is because humans have an innate affinity with the natural world, which we are deprived […]


Most people who set goals are really just settling wishes as they do not have the right formula to set goals properly. Generally, they are missing two vital components of accountability: a time-frame and a measurable result. Perhaps in the past you, or someone you know, may have set goals, such as ‘I want to […]

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‘People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.’ Zig Ziglar American Sales Trainer, Motivational Speaker 1 Dream. Motivation depends on many factors with the primary factor being the power of your dreams. You must dream in order to find your goals.   2 Set a […]

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