Sugar or fat, which one is to blame for the obesity explosion we are now seeing around the globe? This is the subject of a recent BBC documentary. The latest advice we are hearing from the health industry is the sugar is the real culprit not fat, as has been previously thought. In this study […]


  So, we are well and truly into the silly season. It’s the time of year when we indulge in less healthy food choices and tend to drink more than any other time of year. So what can we do to minimise the adverse effect of these toxins on our body. Not drinking alcohol and […]

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Heart disease or cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the term used for heart, stroke and blood vessel diseases. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, accounting for 36 per cent of all deaths in Australia in 2004. It kills one Australian every ten minutes. Cardiovascular disease: Kills one Australian every ten minutes. Was suffered by one […]


Helps control and reduce obesity Increases strength Increases or replaces muscle tissue Changes you body shape Increases bone mineral density Enhances functional strength Increases joint stability and strength Improves posture Increases metabolic rate Increases energy expenditure Enhances sporting performance Decreases risk of injury Decreases degenerative diseases such as arthritis Decreases blood pressure and diabetes Decreases […]

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By Raising Children Network Today, 20-25% of Australian children are overweight or obese.  Here are are 10 great tips to avoid obesity in you and your children;  1. Promote healthy eating in your home. Children are more likely to develop healthy eating behaviours when they are given a choice of healthy foods in their home environment. […]


We all know that physical activity is great for the body. But exercise also increases blood flow to the brain, stimulating the release of compounds that the brain just loves, including growth factors and a substance known as brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF), which promotes growth of new brain cells (neurons). These substances keep the brain […]


  We need time, it’s useful. We need to organise appointments and deadlines, otherwise nothing would get done, right? Maybe though, we are too focused on the concept of time. We  find ourselves constantly busy thinking about our next appointment or project that “has” to be completed. If we are not busy, we may feel […]

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