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If you find yourself snacking or craving a certain food when you know you are not hungry, then these 5 great tips can help you overcome it once and for all. Taken from Doreen Virtues book “Constant Craving”, she provides these practical tips to re-program your snacking habits and stop snacking.

When you feel a craving coming on;

1.    Impose a 15 minute cooling off period. Tell yourself you cannot eat for 15 minutes. After that time, if you still feel like eating you’ll be free to do so. But during that time do the following steps below (you will probably find your appetite has reduced to the point where you won’t want to overeat)

2.    Get away from food. Get away from the kitchen.

Emotional overeating often leads to “automatic” and “absent minded” eating, where you don’t realize how much food you are eating.

3.    Brush your teeth and drink a large glass of water (but still stay away from the kitchen for 15 minutes)

4.    Ask yourself “what am I feeling?” you don’t need to go too deep into this. But an answer may just pop into your head.  Just admitting a feeling may relieve the urgency associated with emotional hunger.

5.    Replace the above feeling with love. When you fill yourself up with the feeling of love, there is no room for negative emotions to exist. Try this;

a)    Look for a butterfly feeling in your stomach, a light pleasant sensation. The feeling you get right before something wonderful is about to happen. Notice that feeling and expand it within you, until it fills your whole body.

b)    Stay in this moment and repeat this affirmation

“I forgive, accept, and trust my self”

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