4 ways to help remove visceral fat

1.  Improve your eating habits. 

Reduce the amount of food that is consumed everyday, and also improve the quality of food eaten. Food that his high in sugar should be avoided – this includes pasta, bread and soda as well as cakes, cookies and candy. Eat plenty of healthy green salads, mixed vegetables and fruits, lean meats and a variety of pulses, nuts and seeds. These types of food have a high nutrition to calorie ratio

2  Exercise on a regular basis, and work hard. 

Studies have shown that intensive cardio exercise is more effective at burning fat than gentle exercise (i.e. jogging and walking).

3.  Build muscle. 

Lifting weights burns a lot of calories to help lose weight. Compound exercises also work best as these work several muscle groups in unison, increasing the effectiveness of the workout and the weight loss potential. It also builds muscle which requires more energy than fat to maintain itself. And it increases your metabolism [1].

4.  Sleep well

Getting a good nights sleep is often ignored, but research has shown that people that do not sleep enough are more likely to gain weight, and it has little to do with the fact that tired people eat more [2].

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